Areas We Serve

RehnOvations LLC can be your reliable home renovation contractor. Located in Baltimore, MD, we are able to provide you with all the renovation services that your home needs.

Top 5 Areas We Serve

  • Saint Paul, MD;

  • Morrell Park, MD;

  • Westport, MD;

  • Lakeland, MD;

  • Cherry Hill, MD

 There is an old saying – “home is where the heart is”, and it has proven to be correct. If you want everything to be perfect in our home, you can choose our company to be your home renovation contractor. There are a lot of benefits of choosing our renovation service, and the main one is that we work only at affordable for our clients, rates. We are a great team of professionals who are dedicated to what we do and the main priority at our company is simply to put a smile on the face of each client that wants to hire us. When you hire us, we can actually save you money. Providing quality services, if you think to renovate the furniture or any interior decoration, choosing our company can save you time as well. Only the idea of having to invest in something twice is annoying, imagine how you will feel when you actually do it. Other services that our company provides are deck installation and renovation as well.

Contact us now at (443) 794-4691.

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