Top Deck Installation Trends for the Coming Year

Nothing is more stunning than having a well-designed and sophisticated deck on your property. Decks are an incredibly vital part of a home, serving as a place for fun and relaxation. Despite them being a place where a lot of time is spent, it seems as though decking trends aren’t always as inventive as another aspect of exterior design. Luckily these deck installation concepts are changing, with every year there are new innovative materials and design ideas that you don’t want to miss.

Here are a few deck installation trends for 2018 you should take note.

Add Sophistication to Your Wooden Decks

One of the most common materials used in deck installation is wood. It is natural, stunning, and gives a more ‘homey’ feeling than other synthetic materials. However, there are several issues with the use of wood for decking. It needs a high level of maintenance and it’s vulnerable to most elements, pets, and worries of sustainability.

Luckily in 2018, we will be overwhelmed with well-engineered and modified wood as homeowners strive for a more eco-friendly, sustainable but classic looking wood. A modified wood is denser, more durable, and requires no additional maintenance beyond normal cleaning.

Go for a Modern Look with ‘Curves’

Why settle for boring and typical square and rectangular decks when you can experiment on curved decks? Square and rectangular decks may be the easier and cheaper option. But, the easiest option isn’t always visually enticing. Over the past couple years curved kitchen islands have become more popular and curved pools or water features have been common for a number of years. Now it is time for decks to try out the appeal of the curve.

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