Things to Look Forward to in Home Remodeling for the Year 2018

A few weeks from now and we will be saying goodbye to the year 2017 and saying hello to the bright and hopeful year of 2018. There’s nothing cooler than welcoming the new year with hot and new home remodeling trends. Be bold and give your homes a fresher look at the remodeling and design ideas for the coming year.

1. Matte Black

The “Matte” trend has been gaining popularity in the beauty world, and it has finally made its way into our homes. This hot new trend makes a sophisticated statement in the kitchen, and we expect to see a lot more of this bold look on cabinets and appliances everywhere.

2. Copper Accents

It’s time to say goodbye to ‘Rose Gold’ and say hello to ‘Warm Copper’.  You can start it by putting your copper pots and pans on display in the kitchen, or be more daring with a large copper light fixture in the living room. You’ll  definitely love this look!

3. Bohemian Style

Make a statement and start hanging kilim rug on your walls. This will paint a bohemian feel in your home. You can also hire home remodeling experts to paint your homes with wild prints that can really make a statement.

4. Nature-Inspired

Hold onto your plants, because 2018 is going to see a lot more ‘green’ interiors. You can start by placing small plants on your desks and work your way up to large houseplants that command attention in a room. Just be sure to do enough research on watering and sunlight before engaging in expensive and high-maintenance plants!

5. Patterned Tile

Why waste your money on wallpaper when you can invest in long-lasting patterned tiles. You better get used to this look, because daring, beautiful patterned tiles will be everywhere the coming year. We are seriously head over heels on this black and white accented wall made entirely of tiles.

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