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It can be exciting to renovate rooms in a home. This is especially true if you work with a professional remodeler like us at RehnOvations LLC. Since 1991, we have completed several home renovation projects in Baltimore, MD. Do you need to renovate your entire home or just specific areas of it? If you do, you might like to opt for the following services we offer:

  • Project Inspection – Before we begin renovating a home, we first inspect the project area. This is crucial to ensure efficient renovation service. We will look into hidden wires and pipes that can hinder us to carry out the project smoothly. Also, we make sure to detect and resolve area issues like clutter, stains, and more.
  • Regulations and Codes – Besides project inspections, we also work with modern renovation standards. We must follow both industry and local building codes throughout the service. For some renovation projects, we may need to secure necessary work permits. Also, we pay close attention to your renovation plans and home details. Doing these things ensure we renovate in a proper manner.
  • Professional Equipment – You can also expect us to use professional-grade equipment throughout our services. We use top-grade hammers, drills, saws, and more. As a company, we have made sure that our experts have undergone the proper training and seminars, especially those related to the use of the latest equipment.
  • Safety Procedures – Another expectation when we renovate homes is our commitment to safe service. This is because renovating homes can be a dangerous activity. Depending on the project, we will have to deal with power lines, rubble, and other hazards. That is why we always wear protective gear and perform other safety measures. We do so to prevent work injuries and property damage throughout the project.

For remarkable home renovation service in Baltimore, MD, turn to us at RehnOvations LLC. We do general remodeling, roofing, deck installation, and more. We can also do outstanding work for residential clients in neighboring areas. You can contact us today at (443) 794-4691 to avail and/or inquire our renovation services.

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